DIY Solar

In New Zealand we Kiwis love to do projects ourselves.   am pretty sure we invented the term DO it Yourself or DIY for short.  We pride ourselves in doing things ourselves and beating the system and saving money.  Well now is your chance with solar too.  Up until now most Solar equipment for sale online was smaller off grid, camping type stuff,  Well, NO MORE,  and we at Solar Direct are proud to be the go to place for DIY Kiwis to get the best solar products out there at the best price.  We provide you the tools and in some instances (engineering services) the know how to buy your solar system at wholesale pricing.  No longer do you need to pay for a package install fattened by your solar installer and using items of their choice that make them profits and can cheapen your system to their benefit not yours.  I don’t mean to imply this will be the case with every installer, but why take the chance. 

Instead, buy the equipment you want to use, and then get a local to install it.  Chances are if you have the equipment you will be more likely to find someone willing to install for a few hours labour rather than a large installer package fee.   If you can DIY it, and then simply contract an electrician for an hour at his pricey rate to connect the cable to the distribution board even better.  I would much rather pay him for 1 or 2 hours at most at $65 to $95 an hour rather than for 1 or 2 days work at that hourly rate to install the whole system.  If you have a labour guy who does a lot of work around your home and knows it they can help install the solar at even a better hourly rate. Either way you save thousands on your solar which make your return on investment even better. Why wouldn’t you choose Solar Direct for all your solar equipment.