Electric retailers

Electricity retailers are basically all the same. They provide electricity for a fee.  There are a few who generate thier power like Meridian and Contact energy and charge a premium in order to make better profits which are great if you are a shareholder, but not so great if you are a consumer.  They make the rules for all power in houses even solar power.  Rest assured they wont allow solar power to hurt them and thier profits.  Who would be in control of regulations and let a competitive technology like solar ruin thier profits.  

Having said that we need grid power, and they need solar.  having a war with and assuming we can eliminate the controlling entity that has brought electricity and quality of life for a century to New Zealand is well..Disrespectful.  We all must work together in order for New Zealand to achieve a truly clean and green country. 


So in light of that we all need ways to save money, and solar is a way to do it. So here are a few tips to help you steer through this.  



  1. Do not sign contracts with electricity companies locking you into a term for a “good price”. By locking you into this you give away the ability to have them compete for your business. 
  2. Get quotes from several companies every 6 months or so to ensure you are getting latest pricing offers or specials.
  3. Ensure you understand any cancellation fees before you sign up.

We have no loyalty to nor receive any kick backs for suggesting retailers.

Our research suggests Ecotricity is currently the best company to go with if you have solar power. There are some others that are good as well and we suggest you get quotes to find the best in your area.