Energy Experts

Most of the professionals offering solar power in New Zealand have some sort of expertise in the field of energy management and solar.  It is amazing though how we all have such different and varying opinions about what is the best way forward or which equipment to use and how. 

Funny enough it may be the case that we are all correct.  The math has the ability to be skewed in anyone’s  favour in certain circumstances that we choose to convey to support our case.  At Solar Direct we believe you need to look beyond the information at why someone would suggest that particular information and whether they have an interest in professing such information.  We strive to provide the ins and outs of all the equipment and believe that all solar has a place its just a matter  of whether its right for you or not. 

A lot of times Experts will secure their own business interest first and foremost.  If a company spends a lot of time securing only one exclusive brand to offer to New Zealand so no one else can compete with them primarily on price.  Then it only makes sense they push that one line of equipment and use specific math in their favour to suggest your better off buying from them.  

At Solar Direct we sell a majority of the top tier brands and even some of the cheaper ones (with appropriate warnings, hehe).  But we use Major brands that wont give ANYONE exclusive rights to sell. They don’t need to.  If we don’t stock something give us a shout and we will find it for you.