Other energy savings

There are so many ways to save on energy.  It just depends on who you listen to as to which way you should go.  The problem is a lot of times the person you listen to has their own agenda.  They strive to keep their business thriving and therefore use math or marketing that of course suggest their system is the bees knees and you should use nothing else. 

Hot water professionals- like the big hot water solar companies suggest that this device can save you as much as 40 or 50 percent on your bill. They are far more productive than solar power.  They forego that power can heat up the water too but not vice versa. 

Fireplace professionals-  push wetbacks over hot water, but really need to be incorporated with a solar power system to be most effective,  otherwise your cylinder will use power when the fire isn’t on. 

Electricity companies-  depend on every household as a money number.  Their shareholders depend on profits which come from you.  Of course we need the grid, and I would never suggest we don’t, but when you allow the electricity companies to make the rules for solar which affects their profitability I see this as a bit of an issue.  I would much rather see an independent government body making the rules for both solar AND electricity bodies in a far more fair procedure for the consumer.  

Appliances- replace old appliances;  

a) Refrigerators-The cost of a new refrigerator with new seals will save you energy and in some cases save enough energy to pay for itself in a year or two. 

b) televisions- plasma tv’s are out, they are power hungry and a new LED tv costs less than the power a large plasma will use in one year in most circumstances. 

c) electrically controlled curtains  can be opened to sunlight in winter keeping temperature up, or closed to sunlight in summer to avoid UV and keep rooms cooler.   Alternatively, curtains not directly hit can be opened to provide natural lighting while the one directly hit by sunlight is closed to prevent UV damage and or temperatures rising.