DIY vs A Professional

In any given region in New Zealand you will have the ability to choose from around 20 or more electricians, electrical retailers, plumbers, builders, and solar professionals  all offering package solar installations and professing to be the best.  

If you choose to use a professional ensure they are members of one and more preferably several of the associations and registry boards in New Zealand all ensuring there is some sort of protection for the consumer from cowboys.  Generally speaking the wild west of solar is long gone.  With the consumer guarantee act, and the companies office both having robust online presence.  If you choose a company registered active with the companies office, and if possible a member of the chamber of commerce, you have a good chance of choosing a company that has good ethics.  Then look at their other credentials, and don’t be afraid to ask them to see their credentials.  We would suggest that a company with active companies registration,  and having 6 or more  accreditation, certifications and or memberships into organisation will steer you in the right direction.

Professional solar sales companies can certainly help, but normally if you try and separate the install from the solar equipment they will resist.  Buying your equipment from solar direct will ensure you get access to the best price on the equipment and then you can get quotes to install the system or do it yourself and simply have your electrician wire it in once it is installed.   

You will need to get lines company approval in order to connect your solar system to the distribution board and we reccomend you get this first before you buy equipment.  Although most are accepted, you will need to supply the lines company with certificate of suitability of all inverters and solar panels used to connect to their lines. All lines companies (the controller in your region of the electric lines)  will have a form for you to fill out.  It isn’t complicated, and your wiring electrician information has to be on it as well.  

Just dont let the professionals scare you as you can do this yourself and even if they do it you will still need to sign the form as the home owner. 

Just email us with your questions.  We can assist you to find the answers in your region. 

Lastly, get several quotes for installation.