All quotes are not created equal…

  1. quote companies-  there are actually companies out there that suggest you put your information into their website and they will find three “certified, qualified installers” to provide you a quote.  They profess to ensure the quality of these installers simply because they belong to one organisation.  What they dont tell you is how companies get to be members of that organisation.  They also dont tell you exactly who is getting your information but rather just “leave it to them”.  While this may sound great, there is little guarantee that this website company actually has a vested interest in ensuring you get proper service over their vested interest in selling your information to 3 solar companies of their choice to provide you a quote. 
  2.  Solar professionals vs Electricians-  there is good and bad in both industries.  We would advise if you know a good one in your area you have done business with then get a quote from them.  The issue though is while they want your business and may earn it, solar is a specific industry and getting it right saves you money and getting it wrong can cost you money.  Lots of it.  So get more than one quote, and try to get them to split the equipment costs and their labour time costs so you can measure both. Remember the customer is always right, so ask for itemized quotes, and keep asking until you get it. 
  3. look at the facts-  quotes should consist of specific product information for rails, inverters, panels.  It should also provide 3 warranties, inverters, panels, and installation.  5 or 10 years on inverters (return to base), 25 on solar panel output and 10 or 12 on materials,  and at least 5 years on installation.   Always use UV retardant products outside and stainless steel. 

Just remember you can choose the three companies to get a quote from which gives you three independent quotes not connected to the ONE website company offering them.  Choose wisely, or just buy your equipment from us at Solar direct and save thousands with solar equipment at wholesale prices.